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Presidio Soccer League is San Diego's Premier Competitive Youth Soccer Gaming League, serving the Southern California area consisting of two separate gaming leagues, Presidio Soccer League and San Diego Developmental Academy.

We are a member run organization and currently serve over 50 youth soccer leagues. All rules and regulations are discussed, reviewed and voted on by our member leagues.


Letter from your Presidio Board of Directors.

Welcome to the Presidio Soccer League and SDDA!

We want to thank you for being part of Presidio and San Diego Developmental Academy. Without you there wouldn't be a Presidio. We look forward to a great season for your teams and players but we know that some of what we ask of you of is a little overwhelming, so we are trying to communicate as much information as possible to make your job as simple as possible.

Please read the read through the links and Administrator Guide, this should give you access to all the information you need to be successful. You can also email me or your circuit director if run across any issues. I will be sending regular updates to keep you informed.

We have been reporting suspected head injuries for the last 4 years, but because of Law AB 2007 the procedures are even more important and must be adhered to. Referees are required to report all suspected head injuries on the match report. Team Managers must also report suspected head injuries through the online system and to their Club Administrator(s) immediately. The Club will pull the player card until the player has been medically released per the protocol and cleared by Presidio.  

The number of referee abuse/assault issues have been getting worse every year and have continued into this tournament season. The Presidio Member Clubs recognized the problem and the potential confusion with the ever-changing rule changes and implemented a new Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule.

Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule 2019: Starting this fall 2019 Season Presidio Soccer League has instituted a Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule, the rule is as written;

If a parent is ejected from a game, he or she must leave the field area immediately (be out of sight and sound) and will automatically be suspended for a minimum of 2 additional games.

In addition, the entire sideline will also be suspended for the team’s next game, due to the parent being ejected from the game.

The only individuals that are allowed on the sideline other than the team’s players will be the coach and team manager, unless the team manager was the offending party.

If the manager was the offending party the club will appoint another pre-determined administrator or parent to act as the team manager for the game, prior to next game.

There is no excuse and for those of you that are new to Presidio you need to understand and make sure your parents and players understand that referee abuse of any kind will be dealt with severely, any such behavior will not be tolerated. So please respect the referees, players and the game. Most importantly we have zero tolerance for abuse of a youth referee of any kind.

Here are some important links of information in preparation for the first week of the season.
  • Jersey Number Information & Instructions Inputting Jersey numbers should be done before the first game of the season.  You should also upload your player's pictures which can be used to check in your team in if you don't have your player cards on the field for the game.

  • Printing Rosters - Affinity Instructions  Printing your Match/Game Rosters is mandatory for the Home team and recommended for the Away team. This must be done on 3-part carbon paper.

  • Game Day Duties and Responsibilities Important – Players need to be dressed game ready 15 minutes before start of game.  Managers/Coaches, you must ask the referees for their Cal South ID Cards BEFORE the game.

  • Cash on the Field Form and Referee Fees  What you pay the referees and your receipt for payments.

  • Sideline Behavior and Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule Presidio Soccer League has a policy on sideline behavior.

  • Game Scoring Instructions from Affinity You need to input your scores within 48 hours after the game. This can be online or through the Digital Player Card/Scoring App.

  • Digital Player Card  Report scores, cards, injuries, concussions and any incidents using your iphone or android device.

  • Affinity Sports App Report scores, cards, injuries, concussions and any incidents using your iphone or android device.  Coming soon! Down load app at your app store; look for Affinity Sports by Blue Sombrero.

  • Presidio Birth Year Modification Chart Under the new U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives, we now use Birth Year when describing teams.  The initiatives also adopted a “No Heading” rule for certain age groups.  Here is a breakdown of each.

  • AB 2007/Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017  The Safe Sports Act requires sports organizations to establish reasonable procedures to limit one-on-one interactions between an adult and an amateur athlete who is a minor.

  • US Soccer Concussion Initiative  Here is our Concussion Policy as mandated by U.S Soccer. 

Have a great season!

Thank you

Board of Directors



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