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Tue, Jan 18th, 2022
7:00 pm
(location tba)

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Have a question for Presidio Soccer League?

E-mail us your question and it just might be selected to be one of the selections on this page.

Please e-mail your question to info@presidiosoccer.com.

Questions must include the following information or your e-mail will not be answered:

  • Your name
  • Your club
  • Your team age and circuit
  • Your question

Presidio Soccer League reserves the right to edit questions for conciseness, spelling and grammar.

Game Related
Q1. Why does our game score show a "C" or an "S"?

A1. After each game, each Team Manager or Coach is responsible for logging into the online system and entering the final score and any infractions (cards). When the score entries of each team do not match, a "S" will appear. When the infraction entries of each team do not match, a "C" will appear.

To correct the problem, Team Managers or Coaches must then contact their appropriate Circuit Director and ensure they have forwarded their Referee signed Roster Game Reports (Game Sheets) to them so that the entry error(s) may be corrected.

Q2. Why do some teams play 14 games, while some others do not?

A2. Presidio Soccer League Member Leagues voted to have 14 games for:

  • all teams U15 and below, and
  • all Premier and AAA teams U16 and above

Other AA teams play 11 games. Some circuits have an odd number of teams, mainly due to teams dropping. This creates bye dates, causing some teams not to receive the desired number of games. In addition, under certain circumstances there may not being enough available play dates during the league season.

Q3. How do I get directions to the field we are scheduled to play at?

A3. While viewing the online schedule, click on the field name.

Administrator Login Related
Q1. I am a Team Manager and I forgot my Username and Password. How do I log onto the system?

A2. Contact your clubs' Registrar to get you logged back onto the system.


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